Felix Lee (a.k.a. Lexxi) signs to Planet Mu, releases new music video, excels at using primary colors

Felix Lee (a.k.a. Lexxi) signs to Planet Mu, releases new music video, excels at using primary colors

That’s the thing about being ridiculously underground: eventually earthworms try compel assimilation, despite your appendages, overgrown status, and general capacity for rational thought. It’s a way of life that’s typically less magnificent than the human counterpart — which is why Lexxi a.k.a. Felix Lee is taking the opportunity to peek his head above the surface in order to further showcase his deconstructed musical inclinations.

The London-based producer and shadow MC has heretofore been marginally recognized (at least by outlets that are in the know) for organizing musical congregations a.k.a. parties that excel as obscure, dynamic, and relatively hidden events. E+E (Elysia Crampton), Mykki Blanco, and Total Freedom are just a few of the artists who’ve performed at Lexxi’s Endless parties. (He also had a couple of guest spots on Crampton’s Demon City.)

This is where the above ground stuff takes place: Felix Lee has just signed to the renowned Planet Mu label under his own name, and he’s also released a video for the brand new track, “KOH (ft. Ecco2k & Whitearmor),” which also happens to feature lyrics unabashedly sung by Lee himself, of typical Sad Boys flair. Filters of blue only go so far, really. Lee’s one public step away from offering up his credit card for communal use. Damn you, plentiful oxygen!

Anyway, how it works is: an album is probably coming really soon. For now, here’s the aforementioned video:

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