Fennesz to release new 10-inch and LP, just to prove he’s still the LeBron of experimental music

Fennesz to release new 10-inch and LP, just to prove he's still the LeBron of experimental music

Every once in a while your world needs to be flipped around a little bit. For some, it’s merely a matter of trying a new brand of underwear or quitting a shitty, lifeless job. For others, it could be something as drastic as a gender change or killing/leaving the mother of your children. Something, anything to twist you around and throw you on your shoulders with a life-changing force. For this guy (me), it’s quite simple: hearing that Christian Fennesz will be releasing a track featuring DRUMS. I’m well aware this doesn’t come as such a damn mind-throttler to most of you peoples out there, but this is FENNESZ and Fennesz songs don’t have drums, ever, anywhere, no way. Not on a single album (I’m pretty sure) is there a single live drum beat on a track. This is some heavy shit. Or maybe I just want this to actually sound interesting. Either way, it’s new Fennesz, and that rules.

So on July 5, Fennesz will be releasing the Seven Stars 10-inch via none other than British experimental powerhouse Touch. This’ll be his first solo studio recordings since 2008’s hella good Black Sea (TMT Review), and the title track features drumming from Steven Hess. According to a statement from Fennesz in the press release, he could possibly continue this route in future recordings. Godspeed, buddy.

He’s also going to be playing The Morning Line in Vienna — a four-day festival of sorts — come June 7. Also, scope out this article over at Frieze Magazine celebrating 10 years of his seminal album Endless Summer. Cause honestly you can’t say enough about that album and the path it’s left on modern music. Truly amazing. Oh, and let’s not forget about the next installment of his series with Ryuichi Sakamoto, the full-length Flumina, which is set for release this summer on none other than Touch.

Seven Stars tracklisting:

A1. Liminal
A2. July
B1. Shift
B2. Seven Stars

• Fennesz: http://www.fennesz.com
• Touch: http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

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