Fennesz returns with first new solo album in five years, Agora, shares song medley

Fennesz returns with first new solo album in five years, Agora, shares song medley

Ah, the halcyon days of 2014, when Austrian maestro Christian Fennesz released two separate solo albums — Mahler Remixed and EUREKA!-designee Bécs — and everything (yes, everything) was right with the world. But don’t write off 2019 just yet, for Fennesz is returning with a new solo album called Agora through Touch on March 29, and that’s literally the best news we could possibly ask for this year!

According to the Fennesz himself, Agora was born from restrictive circumstances stemming from the loss of his conventional studio space. The album was recorded in a bedroom on headphones using “minimal equipment,” resulting in a more stripped-back process not unlike that under which Fennesz produced his earliest records.

Now, I could sit here and tell you in perfect, evocative detail how that background affected the sound of the album, but why waste immaculate, would-be award-winning prose on something that you can just hear for yourself?! That’s right, say it with me now: Fennesz has also provided a medley of the four tracks on Agora so you can preview its delectable aurality all for yourself! Check out “Umbrella” below.

While you’re at it, do be sure to grab the album here (at some point), and get a glimpse at that beautifully concise tracklisting below. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and get a headstart on having nostalgia for this record in 2024!

Agora tracklisting:

01. In My Room
02. Rainfall
03. Agora
04. We Trigger the Sun

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