Feral releasing new EP Nexus on UNO NYC

Feral releasing new EP Nexus on UNO NYC

NYC-based producer Feral (a.k.a. artist/musician Caleb Halter) gained buzz a couple years back with a grime-y, garage-y, real dubstep-y (i.e., Burial not Skrillex) debut on UNO NYC. Now he’s back with Nexus, a new EP coming out on Brooklyn’s forward-thinking UNO NYC, which has also been home to Arca, Fatima Al Qadiri, Gobby, among others. The good people at Boiler Room recently debuted the atmospheric track “Sum,” which you can hear below.

Nexus is out August 5. Until then, spend some time floating around on Feral’s website, which is bizarre and kinda beautiful.

Nexus EP tracklisting:

01. 100 Fold
02. WASP
03. Hyphen
04. Sum
05. We Feel You

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