Fhloston Paradigm (a.k.a. King Britt) pulls debut LP The Phoenix from the Diva’s juicy blue abdomen, out on Hyperdub this June

Fhloston Paradigm (a.k.a. King Britt) pulls debut LP The Phoenix from the Diva's juicy blue abdomen, out on Hyperdub this June

As good of a label as Hyperdub is, and as boundary-pushing as its evolving throng of signed artists seems to reliably be, is there anyone among us who doesn’t secretly pine for a more direct appeal to the skies? No, I’m not suggesting a spontaneous exploration of aviation as a theme, nor a mockable turn to gospel in a necessary acknowledgment that the heavens are up there, but instead something beyond the scope of our naked eyes (but not entirely beyond the scope of our telescopes). Obviously, I’m referring to… SPACE, DUH. Your expertise isn’t needed here, Mr. Tyson. I’ve got the intro to a discussion of all dem starz and shit fully locked down.

Non-verbally, Fhloston Paradigm a.k.a. King Britt will be using his upcoming LP The Phoenix (due out June 9) as a rhythmic outlet for sharing his fascination with space and science fiction. King Britt has a long and accomplished history as a DJ; Fhloston Paradigm’s just getting started, following up a few EPs, and only touching the surface of his desired, and ultimately subtle, movie homages. The Fifth Element is one, but beyond the moniker, there’s nothing noteworthy in the vein of an Éric Serra composition on this album. Blade Runner is another, but there’s nothing quite as blatant as the borderline-copyright infringement of Kuedo’s “Flight Path.”

As a press release puts it, The Phoenix “ties together sci-fi’s musical history and concepts without being weighed down by them.” There’s some brilliant production and interweaving of styles going on here, which, I guess makes the album a kind of alluring mutant. Go on, “give uncle Skrotor a hug!

The Phoenix tracklisting:

01. Portal 1
02. Race To The Moon
03. Letters Of The Past (feat. Pia Ercole)
04. Chasing Rainbows
05. Perception
06. Never Defeated (feat. Rachel Claudio)
07. Tension Remains (feat. Pia Ercole)
08. It’s All About (feat. Pia Ercole)
09. More (feat. Marlo Reynolds)
10. The Phoenix
11. Portal 3
12. Never Forget
13. Portal 4
14. Light On Edge (feat. Natasha Kmeto)

• Fhloston Paradigm: http://kingbritt.com
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

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