Field Music Take A Break from Indiedom

"We basically want to do things that aren't classed as 'Field Music indie band.' It just makes us sick, so [we] want to do something else. We want to still work with the people we like recording with and recording in the way that we do and make the music that we do. But we don't want to have to compete in the sphere of indiedom. We're not going to be a band for a bit."

This quote, (and its "Range Life" paraphrasing) is from a Field Music radio interview on BBC 6 Music. This whole music thing, i.e. "indiedom," apparently has gotten the FM boys down, so they are going on hiatus. Not a full-blown break up, just a break, albeit for an indeterminate length of time (how long is a bit?). In that same interview, the band goes on to say that Field Music "aren't going to be over because we've already got a bank account under the name, so we'll just continue [as] a company," and then added that it's "time to go and do some real work."

Field Music's timing couldn't be worse (have they been taking career advice from the Test Icicles?), as the past few months have seen the English band releasing its second LP, Tones Of Town (TMT Review) (Memphis Industries), to great acclaim, as well as taking part in a successful U.S. tour with Menomena. Plus, taking the story from odd to perplexing, the band just this week released TOT's second single in the UK, "She Can Do What She Wants," and still plans to play its upcoming summer European shows. They kinda stink at this "hiatus" thing. But to be fair, the h-word will likely start at the end of June, once all their shows have been played. Although, in the now times, with many once-broken up bands reuniting, no group is ever "taking a break," "on hiatus," "on extended hiatus," or "broken up" for too long.

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