Fink releases Resurgam Acoustic Sessions EP on R’COUP’D, premieres new track “Divide”

Fink releases Resurgam Acoustic Sessions EP on R'COUP'D, premieres new track "Divide"
Das Fink (Photo: Sergei Sarakhanov)

Two months ago, R’COUP’D released a new record by spirited Berlin-via-UK singer Fink. That album, Resurgam, was in-turn shepherded by storied producer Flood, who laid some of his trademarked hi-def knob twisting upon it.

But hey guess what folks? Even Flood needs a vacation sometimes! So when he took a few days off to go to the Glastonbury Festival, Fink and the gang said, “You know what? We’ve still got all these instruments.” Thus, the Resurgam Acoustic Sessions EP was born, featuring three album tracks redone by the band in a husky all-wooden style, plus a brand new song, “Divide,” which TMT is pleased as Flood-on-vacation to be premiering for you today down below. Take a load off and enjoy!

In other great news: Resurgam Acoustic Session is available from R’COUP’D right now. Go get it here.

Resurgam Acoustic Session tracklisting:

01. Resurgam (A&B Acoustic Version)
02. This Isn’t A Mistake (A&B Acoustic Version)
03. There’s Just Something About You (A&B Acoustic Version)
04. Divide (A&B Acoustic Version)

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