Fire-Toolz and Nonlocal Forecast remix album out now

Fire-Toolz and Nonlocal Forecast remix album out now

Finally, something to be ACTUALLY thankful for: Angel Marcloid, aka Fire-Toolz aka Nonlocal Forecast — a.k.a. Several Other TMT-approved aliases — has released Triangular Reformat, a remix/mash-up album featuring her work as both Fire-Toolz and Nonlocal Forecast.

The album features Marcloid remixing and sometimes combining several Fire-Toolz and Nonlocal Forecast tracks, as well as contributions from other artists including {arsonist}, Equip, Machinegirl, Enofa, CVN, RXM Reality, Nmesh, Golden Living Room, Toiret Status, STCLVR, Cucks, Odd Person, Eyeliner, Woopheadclrms, Koeosaeme, P A T H S パス, Qualchan, Tiger Village, and Clutter Goth.

Download Triangular Reformat here and stream the whole thing below.

In addition to Triangular Reformat, Fire-Toolz has announced a tour with Street Sects, which started November 30 while we here at TMT were still recovering from our post-turkey drowsies. The rest of the dates are down below the album stream and tracklist.

01. Fire-Toolz - Second Life ({arsonist} remix)
02.Fire-Toolz - She Was Me, My Name Was Surrounded (Equip - Triumphant Return remix)
03. Nonlocal Forecast - Classical Information (Machinegirl - Full Moon Future Mix)
04. Fire-Toolz x Nonlocal Forecast - Conscious Warm-Bodies (RXM Reality remix)
05. Fire-Toolz x Nonlocal Forecast - Natural Energy Spheres (Golden Living Room remix)
06. Nonlocal Forecast - Triangular Format (Vaperror - Triangular Reformat remix)
07. Fire-Toolz - In The Computer Room @ Dusk (Nmesh ‘Mainframe Storage’ Mix)
08. Fire-Toolz x Nonlocal Forecast - At The Second Path (Odd Person - Tripping Through Your Juice Box reconstruction)
09. Fire-Toolz - The Pain-Body (STCLVR - Catch A Body remix)
10. Fire-Toolz x Nonlocal Forecast - Experience ☆ Slips ☆ Away (Toiret Status remix)
11. Fire-Toolz - The Step-In Fantasyland Place (Cucks Mix)
12. Fire-Toolz x Nonlocal Forecast - Clear Game & Evolutionary Light (Tiger Village - Arbelos Process)
13. Nonlocal Forecast - Classical Information (Clutter Goth edit, feat. Religious)
14. Nonlocal Forecast - Cloud-Hidden (CVN remix)
15. Fire-Toolz - In The Computer Room @ Dusk (MindSpring Memories - Peaking Twilights remix)
16. Fire-Toolz - Screamography (Wonkavision Particles Re-imagination edit)
17. Fire-Toolz - Experience ☆ Slips ☆ Away (Woopheadclrms remix)
18. Nonlocal Forecast - Planck Lengths (Eyeliner - Strong Nuclear Force remix)
19. Fire-Toolz - Golf Hill Drive (Boy’s Life cover)
20. Soulmates (The Rippingtons cover)
21. Fire-Toolz - ✓ BEiNG (Koeosaeme remix)
22. Fire-Toolz x Nonlocal Forecast - The Path Straight Thru The Direct Path (P A T H S パス - Pathless Path remix)
23. Nonlocal Forecast - Foam, Vacuum, Om (Qualchan - Swimming In The Syrup edit)
24. Fire-Toolz - Busy Beaver Lunch Break (Angelwings Marmalade Clock-In remix)
25. Nonlocal Forecast - Celestial Nervous System (Enofa’s Mindspace mix)
26. Fire-Toolz - She Was Me, My Name Was Surrounded (Equip - Edge Of Sleep remix)
27.Fire-Toolz - Window 2 Window (Angelwings Marmalade edit)
28. Fire-Toolz - Window 2 Window (Early 2016 demo)
29. Fire-Toolz x Nonlocal Forecast - The Path Straight Thru The Direct Path
30. Fire-Toolz - Smiling At Sunbears Grooming In Sunbeams (Synths Only edit)
31. Fire-Toolz - One Byte At A Time (Conglomerate Remix - 2K17 New Whirled edit)
32. Filter-Zoo - Dam Ambience


12.02.19 - Dallas, TX - Rhythm Beats Culture (RBC)
12.03.19 - Denton, TX - Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios
12.04.19 - Wichita, KS - Kerosene Skate Shop
12.05.19 - Kansas City, MO - The Riot Room
12.06.19 - Minneapolis, MN - Bar Fly @ Skyway Theatre
12.07.19 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean

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