The Flaming Lips play eight shows in one day??!!!!??!!!! What a buncha weirdos!!!!!!!!

The Flaming Lips play eight shows in one day??!!!!??!!!! What a buncha weirdos!!!!!!!!

Wayne Coyne wants to know what it would be like to play a show at a strip joint in Mississippi at four in the morning. He might find out on June 27, and so will everyone else who catches MTV’s stream of The Flaming Lips’ jaunt from Memphis to New Orleans.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Jeez, Caroline, don’t you know I’ve already seen Wayne Coyne run around in a giant plastic bubble and shout through a megaphone? I’ve got a season of Pete and Pete to watch.”

Consider this, whippersnapper: according to the good folks at Consequence of Sound, The Flaming Lips are out to break the record for the most shows played in a 24-hour period. Jay-Z set the record back in 2006 by playing seven shows in seven different cities. Wayne Coyne and company are up for eight.

And you’re thinking, “Seriously? Only eight? I thought Wayne Coyne was some crazy shoot-for-the-stars type of guy. Shouldn’t The Lips be aiming for like 50 shows?”

Don’t get your knickers in a twist. Even Wayne Coyne thinks this shit is absurd, and considering that he puts out records containing collaborators’ blood, that’s saying something.

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