The Flying Luttenbachers reform for first shows in 10 years

The Flying Luttenbachers reform for first shows in 10 years
Weasel Walter

Possibly lost in the holiday fray while Christmas music was drowning out your ability to put the square peg in the square hole, figuratively speaking, you may have missed a December Facebook announcement on behalf of cult experimental outfit The Flying Luttenbachers: this March, they’re performing their first shows in roughly 10 years, and you better hope, if you plan on attending, that you’re thoroughly brushed up when it comes to your ability to parle magnifique français. Annual French festival Sonic Protest has managed to snag the Luttenbachers for a handful of performances at venues not just in Paris, but around France generally. The shows are a part of an astonishing month-long Sonic Protest extravaganza, where concerts will take place across 24 nights in 17 different French cities. Don’t ask me about the nuances of France’s monopoly laws.

The latest incarnation — Weasel Walter (drums), Tim Dahl (bass guitar), Chris Welcome (guitar) — will “focus on new interpretations of classic material, keeping the thread of the project while expanding the sonic possibilities into the present.”

Meanwhile, if you’ll recall, The Flying Luttenbachers ceased being a thing in 2007 after Weasel Walter, the project’s frontman and only consistent member, recorded Incarceration By Abstraction almost entirely solo. That release fittingly capped off a fluid history essentially defined by genre-avoiding improvisation, so those lucky enough to see Walter and co. should relish the chaos imposed by some of chaos’ ardent connoisseurs. Who knows if we can expect a resuscitation that persists.

Go here for a list of all the shows.

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