Föllakzoid release III on March 31 via Sacred Bones; writer grows up and chills out

Föllakzoid release III on March 31 via Sacred Bones; writer grows up and chills out

Föllakzoid are releasing III on Sacred Bones Records on March 31. That’s right, I’m coming out swinging with this news article. It’s in the title and it’s in the first sentence. There’s no beating around the bush, no comical fourplay, no stories about my friend Dunny, and simply no bullshit. Yeah, I’ve grown up. I’m just here to tell you about a cool album coming out next month.

Sure, you got your Modest Mouses, Death Cabs, and Sufjans coming out in March, but why not treat yourself to something unexpected? Föllakzoid are Diego Lorca, Juan Pablo Rodriguez, and Domingo Garcia-Huidobro from Santiago, Chile, and they’ll give you a respectable take on the psych-rock genre with their culturally significant influences, which include ancient harmonic and rhythm patterns used for ceremonial music across the Andes mountains.

If you think that shit sounds pretty grown-up and cool, then try this — Föllakzoid partnered with German electronics master Atom™ after recording their new album. See we’re all growing up here. You didn’t scream, “Fuck you, dick!” while reading this article, and I didn’t try to reference Freakazoid. We can finally chill and just listen to this new Föllakzoid album without trying too hard.

III tracklisting:

01. Electric
02. Earth
03. Piure
04. Feuerzeug

• Föllakzoid: http://follakzoid.bandcamp.com
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com

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