Footwork producer DJ MC streams new album Lowend Jungle, out Friday on Duck N’ Cover

Footwork producer DJ MC streams new album Lowend Jungle, out Friday on Duck N' Cover
Cover art for Lowend Jungle

DJ MC, alias of Mario Cooper, is a second-generation footwork producer from South Side Chicago, who — at least to those outside of Chicago’s battle circles — entered the world back in 2011 by featuring on Planet Mu’s second Bangs & Works compilation. Cooper’s uniqueness shined with the track “Y Fall,” which featured a minimal drone approach balanced between samples of “I Called U (Why’d U Fall)” by Lil’ Louis & the World and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

Since 2011, DJ MC — a member of a group nicknamed “the Fruity Loops wizards” — has released material independently and on various labels. Now, Switzerland-based footwork pushers Duck N’ Cover are releasing his latest venture, entitled Lowend Jungle, digitally and on vinyl (limited to 300) on September 8 (a.k.a. this Friday).

Side A encompasses the “Lowend,” while the flipside challenges the “Jungle” theme. With all tracks under three minutes, Cooper makes his DJ MC moniker known with skilled tweaks of drum and bass and disorienting R&B samples. A clear embrace of the past is evident with hero homages in “Isleys RIP Rashed” and “Kool N Da Gang,” and even Kool Keith horrorcore injections on “Scary Horror (feat. DJ Roc).” Spaced throughout, Cooper’s production is also keen on the glitch-synth future of the movement, with tracks like “Mindflow” and “Ovaseas Gutta.”

Gee, it’s too bad you have to wait a whole day to snag the record from Duck N’ Cover and hear all these dizzying audio nuggets for yourself…OH WAIT: TMT is totally premiering the ENTIRETY of Lowend Jungle down below. Seriously. It’s streaming right down here. Right now. Like, here it is:

Lowend Jungle tracklist:

01. Whip It
02. Lowend Sex
03. Friday 13
04. Mindflow
05. Bob James
06. Isleys RIP Rashad
07. Kool N Da Gang
08. Scary Horror (feat. DJ Roc)
09. Mask Murder
10. Ovaseas Gutta
11. Nasty Freak

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