Forest Management reveals new album After Dark, shares new track “Magnolia”

Forest Management reveals new album <em>After Dark</em>, shares new track "Magnolia"

Chicago-based Forest Management is back with his second release of the year. John Daniel’s prolific solo project is set to unleash a set of deep, contemplative drones, dubbed After Dark. The album is described as “a collection of re-contextualized turntable audio sourced from an old vinyl copy of Claude Debussy’s La Mer,” and it’s being released by American Dreams on November 29.

Forest Management elaborated on his process behind the album:

After two months of sampling and mixing the vinyl, I saw my own versions of La Mer emerging. Late-night cruises along Lake Shore Drive, lost and found romance, a reconnection with film, and 1999, a year that simply kept coming up. A photo was taken that seemed to tie everything together. I went back 20 years in my mind for a narrative, and concluded the record with my vantage point. I’m not the first, and won’t be the last – Debussy is a modern music reference point. This is my interpretation, 20 years in the making.

After Dark is now available for pre-order. Scope a sample track, “Magnolia,” and peep at the artwork and tracklist below.

After Dark tracklisting:

01. Seventh Time’s A Charm
02. In The Building (1999)
03. A Smell So Sweet
04. Patterns In The Carpet
05. Magnolia
06. Sitting On Rocky Streams
07. Fake Rose And 24 Karat
08. The Blue Light Blues
09. Hollywood Ave
10. The Grand Lobby
11. Chances Of Surveillance (2019)
12. Walk Along Broadway
13. All I Know

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