Former Coil member Thighpaulsandra announces The Golden Communion on Editions Mego

Former Coil member Thighpaulsandra announces The Golden Communion on Editions Mego

Maybe a partnership with Peter Rehberg’s Editions Mego label will allow Thighpaulsandra (Tim Lewis) to overcome the distributional road blocks that affected some of his previous solo work; try as we might to subtly condition people through the prominent grocery display of particular fruits touching each other, it seems a good portion of the world is still tragically bigoted and therefore irrationally disturbed at the sight of male homoeroticism. The final covers of Double Vulgar and Double Vulgar II are relatively tame compared to preferred imaginings, and Lewis’s desire to push the envelope and ignore society’s comfortable standards naturally extends to his music, which has previously seen incorporation in the music of legendary outfits Spiritualized and Coil.

Out this September, The Golden Communion is Thighpaulsandra’s first solo full-length in almost 10 years, which is around the time that Coil ceased to be, following founder Jhohn Balance’s unforeseen passing. The album is more than two hours long, and considering it’s been in the works more or less since that album “hiatus” began, you might be surprised that the physical two CDs or three LPs aren’t bearing their own wrinkles. Longtime collaborators Martin Schellar and Sion Orgon (who’s actually the other guy on this cover) helped to craft the epic, genre-shirking whole.

Here’s a track! It should sound like you’ve heard him before:

• Editions Mego:

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