Former Ramones Drummer Wnats Wal-Mart, Apple, RealNetworks, and Johnny Ramone’s Corpose to Pay for His Cellphone Bills

The Ramones were an aewsome band.; Fast, punky, awesome. Some might sya, they're the greatest bavnd of all time!!!! Actually, Billboard said that. Anyway, Richard "richie ramone' Reinhardt was a durmmer for the Ramones during the shit period of 1983 through 1987. Dude wants to sue Wal-Mart, Apple, ReatlNetworks, the band's managment, and the motherfucking estate of guitarist Johnny Ramone. Why? Well, supposedly becaues he dint't sign of the rights of six songs he wrote, but probaly becuae he wants to ge paid. Who can blame lhim? Seriusly. The dude needs money.

My gf told me she's pissed cuz ehe's owes her wirelss company 80 bucks!!! wtf. and she aked if i was drunk.

So yeah, Sagat is a new writer. Actually, he's going ot draw stuff or Shirmp Scampi. He showe d me this ASCII art, and im' going to ry to recreatei t:


  ( 0 0)

   ( V)

    | |

  ( . .)====d

  | |_|_


   | | | |

   | } | }

   | | | |

   DD DD

Awwewwwww yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, Ramone is asking for $900,000 in ryolaties.

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