Four Big Hands and Two Hearts Pumping Blood: John Darnielle & John Vanderslice Take On the World

We are in tumultuous times. Our economy’s in the toilet; we’re in the middle of two awful wars; and we’ve just inaugurated a new president who hopefully will do something about both these things. Thankfully, yesterday, a shining beacon of hope emerged, indicating that the world is slowly being restored to order, that we will emerge from this darkness, that it will be paradise when we see the light:


I can’t really do justice to how goddamn excited I am about this, and I also can’t announce the tour in a way superior to the words John Darnielle used to announce it on The Mountain Goats’ website:

We are going to light out for the Territories in a van with two acoustic guitars, some notebooks, our soundman Brandon and a pouch full of charms against ill omen. We are going to get elemental. We are going to stomp our feet and hammer at the strings until we get what we want from them. We, a couple of guys named John, are going to tour, is what we're going to do.

Amen to that. This does nothing to disprove my theory that John Darnielle is actually God in (a very thin) disguise.

John Squared:
03.18.09 - Asheville, NC - the Grey Eagle
03.20.09 - Norfolk, VA - the Atticus Theatre
03.21.09 - Washington, DC - Sixth and I Synagogue
03.24.09 - Northampton, MA - Pearl Street
03.25.09 - Somerville, MA - the Sommerville Theatre
03.27.09 - New York, NY - Society for Ethical Culture (Wordless Music series)
03.29.09 - Gambier, OH - Kenyon College
03.30.09 - Oberlin, OH - Oberlin College
04.01.09 - Chicago, IL - Epiphany Episcopal
04.02.09 - Champaign, IL - Courtyard Café at University of Illinois
04.03.09 - Iowa City, IA - the Mill (Mission Creek Music Festival)
04.04.09 - Richmond, IN - Earlham College
04.06.09 - Bloomington IN - Buskirk-Chumley Theater

[Photo: Mark Van S.]

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