Freddie Gibbs shares three-song Pronto EP, announces a few tour dates

Freddie Gibbs shares three-song Pronto EP, announces a few tour dates

All eyes in rap circles (and beyond) turned to Freddie Gibbs last year off the back of the superlative Piñata, an album that TMT repped at pretty much every possible turn. Sure, it was as much a Madlib LP as it was a Gangsta Gibbs effort, and it was double-billed accordingly, but one suspects it would’ve been nowhere near as enthralling without the gruff tone and lyrical grit of Gibbs. He’s been doing it for years; all it took was the Beat Konducta’s production to shine a light on his finely honed abilities, and the world lapped it on up.

With a new captive audience in tow, the Pronto EP serves as yet more proof for Gibbs’ talent on the mic. Madlib, as well as “all the mother fuckers in the rap game worth fucking with,” are absent, and the sound is altogether different. The dusty Blaxploitation samples are out in favor of more conventional but nonetheless hard-hitting trap beats, and Gibbs’ is mostly the only voice heard this time around, save for an appearance from Dana Williams on “Diamonds.” Not that it’s a bad thing; Gibbs’ versatility is well documented at this stage, and Pronto is just as hard as anything he’s ever done. Grab it from iTunes here, and stream it from SoundCloud here:

But the Gangsta Gibbs related news ain’t finished there, cos’ he’s also got some live dates coming up just in time for festival season. Peep them down below:

03.18-21.15 - Austin, TX - SXSW
04.02.15 - Iowa City, IA - Mission Creek Music Festival
05.24.15 - Shakopee, MN - Soundset Festival *
06.15.15 - Manchester, TN - Bonaroo *
07.19.15 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival *

* Madlib

• Freddie Gibbs:

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