Freedom to Spend preps “reinvented” version of June Chikuma’s Divertimento, entitled Les Archives

Freedom to Spend preps "reinvented" version of June Chikuma’s Divertimento, entitled Les Archives

The world was a much different place back in 1986. A “celebrity” Republican was in the White House, the New England Patriots were in the Super Bowl, and I was an acned, anxious mess of a person. Okay, a lot was the same…but there are subtle, important differences to the present: the Patriots lost in ‘86, I am now a spot-free, anxious mess, and, well, not ALL Republican presidents are the same, are they?

1986 was the year that June Chikuma released her Divertimento album, and the advent of a reissue treatment in 2019 could hardly be timelier. In the spirit of plus ça change…, Freedom to Spend will release a “reinvented” version of Divertimento, entitled Les Archives, on March 22.

Originally released on Toru Hatano’s Picture Label, Divertimento has been expanded nicely by FTS, with new sleeve and notes design and two unheard tracks from the same sessions, “Mujo to Ifukoto” and “Oddman Hypothesis.”

Although she has bounced between composing for video games in the 80s and 90s (the bizarre and catchy primitive drum and bass of the Bomberman series) and immersing herself in Arabic and Egyptian music through studying the ney (nay) and riq instruments and playing with Le Club Bachraf, Chikuma’s Divertimento is an energy trip entirely of its own.

Take a listen to the collision of synths and samplers on “Broadcast Profanity Delay” and gander at the Amanda Kramer-directed short film titled “June Rebuilds” below. Embrace this mindblast from the past in the present with the LP (+ limited edition 7-inch) and digital pre-order here or here.

Les Archives tracklisting:

01. Broadcast Profanity Delay
02. Pataphysique
03. Mujo to Ifukoto
04. Divertimento
05. Climb-Down
06. Oddman Hypothesis
07. Dual Use

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