French producer Maelstrom to debut mini-LP Alph4 this month on CPU

French producer Maelstrom to debut mini-LP Alph4 this month on CPU
Photo: Anthea Ferreira

It wasn’t a great start to a day in the wild, friends. For starters, I’d just gotten ripped off by the supplier convoy. My contact told me some RAAR punks had gotten into his supplies last week, made off with a whole crate of Alph4. I had the feeling he was holding out, but this was my first gig in months. No doubt the Central Processing Unit would be pissed.

Maybe it was a blessing in disguise – the vials were heavy as fuck. The glass clinked together like a fresh six pack as I lifted off in my cruiser. It had been years since I’d had a drink.

Part of the gig was not to play detective and ask questions. Just deliver and collect. A simple payola. But Alph4 nagged at me. No generation has ever understood its younger cohort, but this new breed…it was something else. Not sure what kind of buzz they get off long polymer strings direct to the cochlea, but supposedly it gets you higher than hell.

Now, twenty minutes out from drop point, outside: some sort of weather distortion, a stormcloud taking up the whole sky. Inside: systems going haywire, operating system rebooting, thrusters on auxiliary. Bang the steering wheel, flip the Mayday lights.

The ship groans as it starts to get sucked in. This thing’s a full Maelstrom. Steering wheel turning counterclockwise, out of control. Exhaust going nuts trying to compensate. Reverse engines? A crock.

From out of the cloud, figures on hoverboards emerging…

Six of them…

Fucking RAAR punks.

That drink seems pretty good about now…

(Alph4, Maelstrom’s debut on CPU, will be breach cochleas everywhere when it gets released on February 16.)

Alpha4 tracklisting:

01. Alph4
02. Who Else Is Reading
03. Letter From M
04. Lost Echoes (Feat. Djedjotronic)
05. Vznietit
06. Dialectics
07. Praxis

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