Frog Eyes streams new LP on Stereogum, tours with Destroyer, drinks espresso CONSTANTLY

Frog Eyes streams new LP on Stereogum, tours with Destroyer, drinks espresso CONSTANTLY

Look out, lovers of Canadian indie rock! If you wanna stay RELEVANT out there, it’s time once again to brush up on who’s moniker is whose and which dude is in which band-named-after-animals and all that cool stuff! Today we’re talkin’ about Carey Mercer’s illimitable Frog Eyes project (you DO remember Carey Mercer’s illimitable Frog Eyes project, don’t you?). He’s got a new album coming out August 28 via the Paper Bag label, and you can freakin’ stream the entire thing right now courtesy of Stereogum!

What??? You say that’s NOT ENOUGH for you???

Fine, I say! How about this? You can also pre-order the LP as of this very minute and receive a “limited edition cassette of demos” along with your fine purchase. I don’t know where you’re gonna get the deck to actually play the things on… but that sounds suspiciously like someone else’s problem to ol’ Nobodaddy!

The album, which Mercer wrote entirely on an acoustic guitar that his father left him in his will, features contributions from the usual cast of friends and insiders, including Spencer Krug, Jesse Zubot, John Paton, and Paul Rigby. “I was holding the guitar a lot, kind of savoring it: a Martin D-18. I had been making records for a few years with a computer, piling tracks on tracks, writing words over guitar licks already recorded in a studio,” says Mercer. “I came to think of an acoustic guitar as somehow akin to a computer, only in the sense that they are both tools of transmission, both effective in their own way… I wrote about Joseph Beuys, about B. Traven, about God and Abraham and Isaac, about my dad being addicted to speed when he was 17.”

Intrigued? Well, then just you feast your little ear-balls on the music video for the track “Joe With The Jam” down below, and then check out the tracklisting and a smattering of fall tour dates with yet ANOTHER Canadian indie band you really ought to be keeping tabs on: Destroyer. Good luck, pal!

Pickpocket’s Locket tracklisting:

01. Two Girls (One for Heaven and the Other One for Rome)
02. Joe with the Jam
03. The Beat is Down (Four Wretched Singers Beyond Any World That You Have Known)
04. Death’s Ship
05. The Demon Runner
06. Rejoinders In A Storm
07. In A Hut
08. Crystal Blip
09. I Ain’t Around Much
10. Rip Down the Fences That Fence the Garden

Frog Eyes tour dates:

07.31.15 - Sackville, New Brunswick - Sappy Fest
09.11.15 - Toronto, Ontario - Smiling Buddha
09.12.15 - Hamilton, Ontario - Supercrawl
09.17.15 - Victoria, British Columbia - Rifflandia
09.18.15 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom *
09.19.15 - San Francisco, CA - Fillmore *
09.20.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Regent Theater *
09.21.15 - Santa Cruz, CA - Crepe Place
09.23.15 - Bellingham, WA - Shakedown
10.16.15 - Seattle, WA - Neptune *
10.17.15 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Commodore Ballroom *

* Destroyer


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