Gábor Lázár announces second solo effort Crisis Of Representation on Shelter Press

Gábor Lázár announces second solo effort Crisis Of Representation on Shelter Press

If the general public and beyond weren’t so averse to music that went down one’s gullet with the slipperiness of a pineapple rind, we might be on the verge of the next genre to imminently send humanity into a fever that partially involved an otherwise unexplainable obsession with writing utensils. Instead, something that can be described as “pointillism” in the music sense has been isolatedly propagated by the likes of Mark Fell and Mat Steel (individually and together as SND) for over a decade now, while relative newcomers and SHAPE-affiliated artists Lorenzo Senni and Gábor Lázár have attacked the 2010s with the electronic stabbings that some of us never knew we loved. The Budapest-based Lázár actually collaborated with Fell on 2015’s The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making, and now Shelter Press is sponsoring his second solo effort. Like a puzzle?

The music’s certainly like a puzzle if you consider the sparse notes, and similarly, Crisis Of Representation is a compilation of tracks recorded mostly at various points across 2015. Each “crisis” was ultimately unified on the album by “few composition techniques” and “one type of characteristic sound” that will undoubtedly ensure the integrity of the genre’s minimalistic reputation.

Crisis Of Representation is out January 12. Listen to #2 below:

Crisis Of Representation tracklisting:

01. Crisis Of Representation #1
02. Crisis Of Representation #2
03. Crisis Of Representation #3
04. Crisis Of Representation #4
05. Crisis Of Representation #5
06. Crisis Of Representation #6
07. Crisis Of Representation #7
08. Crisis Of Representation #8

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