Gabriel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans) announces new album, headbutts Pete Swanson in the chest

Gabriel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans) announces new album, headbutts Pete Swanson in the chest

It’s been five years since Yellow Swans disbanded, three years since they left us with their final album, the massive Going Places (TMT Review). Since then, the Pete Swanson half of Yellow Swans has kept busy with some fairly high-profile releases, like his Man with Potential LP and the pair of EPs that followed. The duo’s other half, guitarist Gabriel Saloman, has kept a somewhat lower profile, putting out only the occasional smaller release. Last year, he released Adhere, his first LP under his own name. Now, he’s got two plans. One, to release a follow-up LP called Soldier’s Requiem on November 8 through Miasmah Records. Two, to headbutt Pete Swanson in the chest really, really hard.

“I don’t have anything against Pete,” Saloman may or may not have said. “I just really want to headbutt him.” There you have it, the scoop on Gabriel Salomon possibly headbutting Pete Swanson sometime in the near future. As for Soldier’s Requiem, the scoop there is that it consists of four intense but restrained tracks constructed out of piano, guitar, and drums. Listen to one of those four haunting requiems, “Boots on the Ground,” below (via a stream from FACT). Then headbutt another person.

Soldier’s Requiem tracklist:

01. Mine Field
02. Marching Time
03. Boots on the Ground
04. Cold Haunt

• Gabriel Saloman:
• Miasmah:

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