GAIKA surprise-releases SPAGHETTO EP on Warp

GAIKA surprise-releases SPAGHETTO EP on Warp

From his home base in Brixton, GAIKA has previously expressed an affinity for Prince and how the latter wasn’t especially bound by societal coaxing in his attire or his output as one of the most memorable artists of the 20th century. We’d certainly all be better off if we made a point to question the role that mob notions of normativity have on our superficial and actual selves, and in that respect, the author of prior mixtapes MACHINE and SECURITY has just surprise released (with no warning whatsoever) his debut EP for Warp, titled SPAGHETTO.

SPAGHETTO continues the outsider take on personal issues that are ultimately political, and GAIKA does this by simultaneously sending core-shaking rhythms and earnest lyrics directly to our ear orifices. There’s something to be said for the universality of politics in human life, and on that front, he expounded:

SPAGHETTO is a collection of love letters to humanity and individuals I’ve loved and lost. We are one, no matter how much they want to divide us. On some level this collection of songs and images are testament to the bonds we make as outsiders and the decisions we take through living with those bonds. The songs are deeply personal, but I can’t ignore the greater context and want to make sure the complete work exists, not only about my inward experience, but also that of all recent immigrants (and their primary descendants).

SPAGHETTO is Act I of a “three part audio-visual creatives series.” Look forward to Act II: Another Hole In Babylon and Act III: Glad We Found It some time in the near future. Here’s the entirety of Act I:

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