Gailes (Rafael Anton Irisarri + Benoît Pioulard) announce debut album on Ba Da Bing!

Gailes (Rafael Anton Irisarri + Benoît Pioulard) announce debut album on Ba Da Bing!

Far be it for a Washington island/type of whale to accurately represent the breadth of music that Benoît Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri are capable of collaboratively creating, the duo has just announced a new album under their brand new Gailes moniker, which as far as I can tell isn’t a reference to a species of majestic fowl. The new album is called Seventeen Words — out March 3 on Ba Da Bing! Records — and after a couple of albums under their previously-alluded-to Orcas name, it appears that both they and we (the listeners) are ready for something even more enveloping than what they’ve previously released together. Check the track “Surface Variation in the Snowfall” below for evidence of this (and also evidence of the fact that the album was recorded until the power gave out during a Nor’easter) and notice the lack of vocals. Might we expect whole ambience for the rest of Seventeen Words?

We’ll obviously find out for sure once the release happens, but it’s possibly a hint that Pioulard’s recent solo efforts, with a particular nod to Sonnet, have seen a decided shift toward bona fide ambient. Plus, those familiar with Irisarri’s output over the years need not be reminded of his ability to shape mood using guitar, synths, and other instruments as his mental butter-churner.

Pre-orders for Seventeen Words are available here.

Seventeen Words tracklisting:

01. Requiem For An Airport Television Newsreader
02. That Name (Again)
03. Surface Variations In The Snowfall
04. On Distant Fields

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