Games reinvent themselves as “Ford & Lopatin,” start Mexican Summer imprint, otherwise remain exactly the same

Games reinvent themselves as "Ford & Lopatin," start Mexican Summer imprint, otherwise remain exactly the same

Enough games. Seriously — enough. Games (consisting of Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin plus Joel Ford) recently opted to rename themselves Ford & Lopatin, in a very utilitarian decision perhaps designed to eradicate their other name as “that guy from Oneohtrix Point Never.” It was only a few weeks ago that we announced that Games and Oneohtrix Point Never will be touring together this spring, but despite the nominal changes, there are no announced alterations to the dates — except that now the lineup will be Lopatin plus Ford & Lopatin.

In addition to sounding like a legal firm, Ford & Lopatin have set up an imprint on Mexican Summer, entitled Software, which will release F&L’s first LP.

Quick flashback: Late last fall, Daniel Lopatin indicated a prospective name change when he tweeted that Games couldn’t “legally be called Games anymore,” and requested fan suggestions. My question: what lazy tweeter came up with “Ford & Lopatin”? (If you’re really curious, Altered Zones just posted an interview with Dan in which he sort of answers the question.)

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