Gang Gang Dance share first new song in seven years from upcoming album Kazuashita on 4AD

Gang Gang Dance share first new song in seven years from upcoming album Kazuashita on 4AD
Photo: Ari Macropolis

Now, I want you to think back. Waaaaaay back. Back before Gang Gang Dance was just a tag we stapled onto any “indie” band that discovered synthesizers and East Asian music. Back before I wrote for this site, or (probably) you read this site either. Back when Gang Gang Dance were the original “hipster shit.” Ah, those were the days…

Now, SNAP OUT OF IT! That’s right: quit daydreaming; reminisce no longer! Because, in a final attempt to save themselves from becoming (they won’t say it) “dad rock” (ahhhhhhh, they said it!!!!!), Gang Gang Dance are returning to 4AD this June 22 with Kazuashita, their first record since 2011’s Eye Contact.

“Lotus,” the first single (which you can listen to down below!), sounds quite modern for something coming from a relic from the past. But really, chalk it up to the band’s characteristically psychedelic fusion of American and Japanese pop music held together by the iconic voice of singer Lizzi Bougatsos. You guys remember Lizzi Bougatsos right?! Huh??? (Think baaaaaack!)

But wait! Before you make it too far down memory lane, be sure and preorder the record from 4AD. And if you’re lucky enough (and resistant to the effects of all these nostalgic fugue states) you might just catch the band at their record release show at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere on June 22. Those tickets are on sale now! Maybe get one of your kids to help you navigate that Netscape-brand internet browser you use over to that “hyperlink” to buy some?

Kazuashita tracklisting:

01. ( infirma terrae )
02. J-TREE
03. Lotus
04. ( birth canal )
05. Kazuashita
06. Young Boy (Marika in Amerika)
07. Snake Dub
08. Too Much, Too Soon
09. ( novae terrae )
10. Salve On The Sorrow

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