Garcia Peoples dispensing Cosmic Cash in August, gift exclusive track “Hangin’ On” today

Garcia Peoples dispensing Cosmic Cash in August, gift exclusive track “Hangin’ On” today

History is far from moribund as inspiration for new bands. But whereas the lesser lights use timeworn tunes as a crutch in lieu of talent, New Jersey’s backwards-leaning brothers and brothers-in-arms Garcia Peoples are refreshingly great at mining summer of love sounds without pointless pilfering or plastic hassle fallout vibes. We are talking “great” as in memorable. “Great” as in leaving an impact. “Great” as in sticks with you like glue, wrapped in flypaper, inside a body-husk of tree sap. Or, for you incurable pessimists out there, like orgiastic waves of shame.

There’s no shame loving the sticky jam sounds of Garcia Peoples, though. Out August 3 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond, their debut album Cosmic Cash is a rhythmic powerhouse of loose-knit blues (there’s even a 14-minute Who-meets-the Dead song-“Suite” that choogs along like a swaggering cannonball). Serving as a taster, we are proud to premiere “Hangin’ On” from the band below. It’s basically your not-everyday, loose and merry freeride that this talented bunch of beautiful people can probably write in their sleep.

Make this YOUR summer of love and autumn of life and dig in to “Hangin’ On” below and pre-order Garcia Peoples’ Cosmic Cash here. No bum trips promised.

Cosmic Cash tracklisting:

01. World’s Illusion
02. Hangin’ On
03. Show Your Troubles Out
04. Four Walls
05. Suite: Cashing Out / Sigh of Relief / The Midnight Dancer / All the Time / Distant Lands
06. The Sweet Lie
07. I Ain’t Hurt

Garcia Peoples live:

06.24.18 - Brooklyn, NY - Wonders of Nature (with Prison [Paul Major of Endless Boogie], Hans Chew, and PIGEONSBAND)

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