GAS announces first North American shows since 2009; climate change worriers make an exception

GAS announces first North American shows since 2009; climate change worriers make an exception

The metronomic thumping of your basic, generic club show typically inspires a handful of involuntary associations. First, of course the people inside are probably getting alcohol-wasted and attempting to dance and have conversations while the artist who secretly dreams of telekinesis does whatever he/she can to keep the crowd into it. Then, there are (maybe) a few people in that crowd — depending on how large the venue is —who lack inhibition even at their most sober. They’re the ones who (more power to them) can be seen literally working up a sweat 10 minutes into the opening act, while the venue has yet to reach 40% capacity. And everybody else unknowingly counts on their enthusiasm to harness the wherewithal to perform some ungodly dance move later on in the night. It’s ultimately all copacetic. After hours, minds are awash and float off to the after-hours.

But…what the hell happens at a GAS show?

The venerable producer’s music exists in such a unique purgatory between danceable and Ambien that it’s almost impossible to envision the usual “going out” buzz that accompanies so many club environments. The novel Narkopop even struck more of a balance between the ambient side and the trademark beats that made Wolfgang Voigt’s prior albums essentials. So, just about the only genuinely predictable visualization that comes to mind when picturing Voigt’s first North American live dates in eight years is that of lots of awkward head-nodding and side-eyeing, even among those acquainted. Minds’ll probably still be “awash,” though. So, I guess it all works out the same in the end.

GAS dates:

11.03.17 - Toronto, ON - Sony Centre
12.15-17.17 - Houston, TX - Day For Night Festival
12.18.17 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
12.19.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere

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