Geng and co. present Revision Suite TONIGHT, The Wages… now streaming in full

Geng and co. present Revision Suite TONIGHT, The Wages... now streaming in full

Finally, a reason to go to church! PTP arms dealer Geng and Ford Foundation tech fellow Salome Asega — in partnership with the Abrons Art Center and St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church — present the world-premiere of Revision Suite, tonight, November 8, at St. Augustine’s, located at 290 Henry Street in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Billed as “a meditation on architectural violence, worship, and spiritual labor,” the suite comprises two nights of readings and live performances by Geng, Salome Asega, Rena Anakwe, Destiny Be, DeForrest Brown Jr., L’Rain, and Stacy Lynn Smith.

“But why a church?” you ask. “I am a [recovering evangelical/disenfranchised flocker/faithless heathen].”

Because, you cynic, this particular house of G.O.D. was at one time a slave gallery and is now a black-run institution, making it an ideal space for the line-up of artists — “nothing but supreme beings,” per Geng — to explore their connections with the suite’s themes, as well as the intersections of past, present, and future.

“Oh, bet … but wait!” you say. “This is just a two-night performance in New York! Not a full tour! And I live in Butte, Montana! How is this relevant enough from a non-regional perspective to justify inclusion in the Tiny Mix Tapes News section?”

Simple: featured performers Geng and DeForrest Brown Jr. have also been so kind as to mark the ocassion by making Brown and Kepla’s new PTP cassette, The Wages Of Being Black Is Death, available to stream in full (do that down below).

So, to recap: if you DON’T live in Butte, Montana, purchase tickets to Revision Suite here — and no matter where you live, purchase your copy of The Wages Of Being Black Is Death here. Let’s do this.

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