GFOTY drops nine-track release called Call Him A Doctor on PC Music

GFOTY drops nine-track release called Call Him A Doctor on PC Music

“‘emsum, summ, bluhm, brum, brumm, bum, carum, come, crum, cum, cum crumm, cum, come crumb, come cum dum drumb drum, from, frum, ft frum, garum glumm, glum genum g-grum gum gumm “
- GFOTY, “The Argument”

GFOTY won’t go away! Returning liquid nightmares to children and adults everywhere, GFOTY has dropped a nine-track release called Call Him a Doctor. In contrast to previous mixes, like Secret Mix and VIPOTY, this one’s a multi-genre onslaught of fiery guitar solos, awkward ballads, poured liquid, and skewed electronics. Much of it features GFOTY’s trademark snark and goofy egocentrism, performed with live instrumentation courtesy of PC Music head A. G. Cook (keyboards, drums, guitar, vocal fx) and “Johnny” (lead guitar, bass, backing vocals).

Call Him a Doctor is weird and scrappy and jarring, and we’d expect nothing less from the PC Music crew. Just remember: If your nose becomes itchy while you are sleeping, it’s a sure sign that it’s GFOTY standing above your pillow and trying to eat your dreams through your nostrils.

Visit the official website for more information (including lyrics), and listen to it here, here, or here:

Call Him A Doctor:

01. Mr. E
02. Blown
03. Lemsip
04. Snakes + Ladders
05. The Argument
06. Wood U
07. You Don’t
08. Call Him A Doctor
09. Heaven

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