Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb to release adorably-titled Little Sand Box set this December for when it’s too cold to actually play in one

Giant Sand's Howe Gelb to release adorably-titled Little Sand Box set this December for when it's too cold to actually play in one

Listen up, Old-man Claus! You might want to start feeding them-there reindeer of yours a little more growth hormone than usual, because my man Howe Gelb (a.k.a. the shambolic front-cowboy of that little-band-that-could named Giant Sand) is gearing up to release Little Sand Box — a box set on Fire Records just in time for Christmas on December 9! It’s an INTENSELY HEAVY son-of-a-bitch, featuring all six of his HIGH-OCTANE, commercially-released solo albums, as well as bonus tracks, alternative takes, the live album Sno Angel Winging It, and a selection of piano pieces entitled Some Piano (it also comes replete with EXTREME! liner notes from Gelb, a BLISTERING introduction from Sylvie Simmons, and “other Gelb Goodies,” according to the press release). So yeah, you’re counting it up right; that’s eight MAMMOTH discs altogether, St. Nick! Not to mention how heavy all the damn sand is gonna be. You been doing your Crossfit kettleball swings???

But enough from me. I should probably let the crazy-intense, highly outgoing, totally bull-by-the-horns Gelb speak for himself about this mammoth hunk of a release that’s gonna be bogging down your sleigh! Howwwwwweeeeee!

The solo albums came about as an afterthought, loving better the notion of hiding inside a band like Giant Sand for the rest of my life. When life demanded something else, then they began to happen.


Little underwhelming, Howe. Sorry, Santa. You’re good.

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