Girl Band set to release debut album Holding Hands with Jamie

Girl Band set to release debut album Holding Hands with Jamie

You know that movie Once, where Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová wander around Dublin with wide, perhaps loving-in-a-non-platonic-way eyes and end up in a Dublin recording studio and make musical love then return to the dawning Dublin sun and feel totally spiritualized about music and life and love and all that?

Well, Girl Band have just laid down their first album in their home town of Dublin, and I’m guessing that the process was exactly like what happened in Once, provided that you switch Hansard & Irglová for a series of obscure guitar pedals and that final scene where everyone’s happy for a shot of Girl Band with bloodied knuckles, tinnitus, and a raging urge to strangle puppies.

You can do an A/B comparison when Girl Band release their debut record Holding Hands with Jamie on September 25 via Rough Trade Records. In the meantime, here’s a sampler of what went down in the studio.

Holding Hands with Jamie

01. Umbongo
02. Pears for Lunch
03. Baloo
04. In Plastic
05. Paul
06. The Last Riddler
07. Texting an Alien
08. Fucking Butter
09. The Witch Doctor

[Photo: Mark McGuinness]

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