Glacci preps new album Lifeforce, premieres new track “Celadon Fire”

Glacci preps new album Lifeforce, premieres new track "Celadon Fire"

Grime has been an influence for long enough now that it maybe shouldn’t be surprising to see it deep in its “glossy” period. A carrier of this flame, UK producer Glacci is preparing to firebomb us with his debut full-length, Lifeforce, an emotive club record stuffed to the top with that very specific cross-section of high-polish trap, post-dub, and shades of that old grime.

His follow-up to last year’s Lucid EP, Lifeforce sounds like it was processed through the most powerful graphics card in existence, all highly beveled clean lines and spotlessly rendered jewel textures, streaming from a PlayStation 8. Today, ahead of the album’s release later this month, Glacci is sharing with us the premiere of his track “Celadon Fire.” And much like the incredibly high temperature needed to create highly-valued celadon ceramics, this track is also fire.

Lifeforce drops July 31 on Terrorhythm.

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