Glenn Branca releases sequel to The Ascension

Glenn Branca releases sequel to The Ascension

The Glenn Branca Ensemble has released a new album this month, entitled The Ascension: The Sequel. It is out via Branca’s own label, Systems Neutralizers, and as the title suggests, the 52-minute album will serve as the sequel to his 1981 “hit” The Ascension (TMT DeLorean Review). You can purchase it exclusively at Amazon for the time being.

The group, also known as Sonic Youth’s dad, will be performing in New York and, err, Austria as part of a short 2010 “tour.” But wait, I thought the end of music was here?

The Ascension: The Sequel tracklisting:

01. Lesson No. 3 (Tribute to Steve Reich)
02. The Tone Row That Ruled The World
03. Carbon Monoxide
04. Quadratonic
05. The Blood
06. Lost Chords

• Glenn Branca Ensemble:

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