The Go Ahead make our day by sharing exclusive stream of forthcoming In Harms Way EP

The Go Ahead make our day by sharing exclusive stream of forthcoming In Harms Way EP

You’ll have to forgive your ol’ pal Tiny Mix today if this newsie is so dull it could drive a cactus to drink. Normally, I’d have loads of whimsical observations and hilarious gags to make. I’d be offering up prime insights and hilaaaaaaarious banter. Before you say, “quit crying out loud, for crying out loud!,” there is a good reason I’m flying under the highfalutin radar today. Sometimes to get to the heart of the matter, you simply have to let the music do the ripping and the quipping. Because, today, we have the latest from a band offering up a whipping that would have Dita Von Teese in rapture.

If you’ve tended to your welts, the band thrashing the lash is none other than San Francisco alt-rock foursome The Go Ahead, who not only have a new self-released EP out THIS FRIDAY, but are sharing an EXCLUSIVE stream of it here TODAY! CAPS AHOY!

In Harms Way is The Go Ahead’s latest mix of light and brutal shade, their first release since last year’s remastered version of the 2014 short-cycle Cycles. Featuring six songs feverishly cobbled together with a real passion and energy, the gang has dug deep and hit upon a signature sound built around a unified melodic muscle and vocal wail that alternates between ferocity and delicacy.

If you like the sound trouncing below, the band will no doubt be announcing live shows in the New Year. For now, fans in SF and keen travelers can check out The Go Ahead in celebration mode on release day this Friday at the Elbo Room, where they will be playing with Will Weston and Mobile Steam Unit. Oh, and if it’s your thing, follow this link to view the official video for In Harms Way’s second single and second track, “On My Side.”

In Harms Way EP tracklisting:

01. Bones
02. On My Side
03. Bloodshot
04. Coastline
05. About to Burst
06. Fuel

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