Go get Madalyn Merkey’s album on Matt Mondanile’s New Images Ltd. label! You already got it last week? Don’t fucking click then

Go get Madalyn Merkey's album on Matt Mondanile's New Images Ltd. label! You already got it last week? Don't fucking click then

Listen here, you like Ducktails, right? There’s been great stuff under that name. Why I might even trust that guy with an album recommendation or two, were I to run into him in the Rock/Pop section of a record store. This logic I’d even extend to the conceptual, were Matt Mondanile to symbolically stamp a record with his approval. Heck, if it turned out to be good enough, I’d even sit down in my wicker chair for a moment to tell others about it on my blog.

The record wouldn’t even necessarily have to sound like Ducktails, either. I’ve been way into Ursula Bogner lately, so if it turned out to be something along those lines, with a cool radiophonic sound that just jumps all over the place in the speakers, that would be cool with me. Especially if it’s mixed with a drawn-out woozy Dean Blunt feel on some tracks. And maybe even a sorta Ducktails vibe, real chill but with a certain heaviness. I don’t care if the album’s called Scent or if it’s all played by someone named Madalyn Merkey, I’d just want to get the word out on how nice the whole thing sounds. But who would listen? I’m a nobody in this world. My opinion’s about as valuable as an egg on Twitter. I should go back to school and this time really apply myself. I’m gonna go to a coffee shop now and think about this in public. This cardigan should do the trick. Later.

Scent tracklisting:

01. Neptune
02. Siren
03. Nexus
04. Mend
05. Mulch

• Madalyn Merkey: http://crossseeing.info
• New Images Ltd.: http://newimagesltd.tumblr.com

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