Goldfrapp announces new album, Tales of Us; and for some reason, I write a full-on, turgid-as-balls news piece about it instead of just retweeting it

Goldfrapp announces new album, Tales of Us; and for some reason, I write a full-on, turgid-as-balls news piece about it instead of just retweeting it

Man, it’s hot and grey outside where I am today. I could really go for a Goldfrappucino. Why the hell isn’t that a thing that exists??? If you ask me, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory (whom together comprise the synth-pop group Goldfrapp, don’t you know) are way too wrapped up in making lush, widescreen, sometimes-dancey electronic music and aren’t spending nearly enough time in the kitchen concocting delicious, frosty summery beverages.

Case in point: while the western world dries up for lack of a dome-lidded tub of frothy, creamy, caffeinated goodness, here comes another Goldfrapp album! It’s called Tales of Us and was written and produced by Alison and Will and recorded at their studio in the English countryside. It’s their sixth album to date and follows up 2010’s Head First. But okay, okay. Let’s hear them out really quick before we DIE of thirst and exhaustion. What’s so special about this new one? Enter: the press release!

Tales Of Us has been two years in the crafting and is their most narrative, cinematic and intimate recording to date.” Okay, cool adjectives. What else? “All the songs except for one are named in the first person with a cast list of evocative character sketches, the contrary love affairs, the suspense, hallucinations, fairy tales, and modern folklores documented and the traces of redemption they find in song take the poetry of Goldfrapp’s delicately considered music somewhere brand new.” Wait, is that a sentence?

Well anyway, Tales Of Us will be available from September 10 in the US (and September 9 in the UK) on CD, vinyl, and digital, as well as “a special limited edition box set that will contain an exclusive disc of bonus material and a hardback book compiled by Goldfrapp.” And jeez do I hope the bonus material is some sort of coffee drink! Meanwhile, it’s currently available to preorder at some flash-in-the-pan place called iTunes, and the band is also planning two special shows at the Manchester International Festival (notable for its distinction as the only festival to spell program as “programme”) on July 17 and 18, at which they will perform the entirety of Tales of Us live, accompanied by the Royal Northern College of Music string orchestra. More tour dates for Europe and the US this fall will be announced shortly. So you’d better head back to our homepage and keep hitting refresh until that happens. If you need me, I’ll be in the TMT kitchen inventing this Goldfrappucino thing all by myself.

Also, here’s a trailer:

Tales of Us Tracklisting:

01. Jo
02. Annabel
03. Drew
04. Ulla
05. Alvar
06. Thea
07. Simone
08. Stranger
09. Laurel
10. Clay

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