Goldmund declares dusk the objectively best time of day, announces new album Occasus on Western Vinyl

Goldmund declares dusk the objectively best time of day, announces new album Occasus on Western Vinyl
Goldmund's Keith Kenniff in dusky profile.

Ah…it seems like it was only yesterday that Keith Kenniff a.k.a. Goldmund was experimenting with both sound and theme by releasing an album comprised of renditions that harkened back to the Civil War; and we can maybe attribute that disruption in time perception to the fact that Kenniff’s music — under both his Goldmund and Helios monikers — has a tendency to eeeeeelongate our senses. 2011’s All Will Prosper wasn’t an exception to this rule despite the atypical guitar incorporation; but 2015’s Sometimes followed a simpler and less painstaking process. The latter signaled a return to the minimal piano work that garnered converts in the first place. (Is that tinnitus, or can I genuinely still hear the album almost three years later?)

But now, once again, Goldmund is back with a new album to replace the prior one in our sticky and slow-moving human minds. It’s called Occasus, and it’s out April 13 on Western vinyl. In case you’re not hip, “Occasus” is apparently a Latin word meaning “descent” or “the setting of heavenly bodies,” and in that sense, the music on the album is bound to be a perfect aural complement. Every time one looks directly at the sun setting, they’re either inadvertently blinding themselves, or they’re getting introspective and gradually wondering about the significance of various life things. And Goldmund doesn’t want you to blind yourself.

In fact, I’m guessing he mostly just wants you to listen to the track, “Circle,” down below and maaaaaybe pre-order a durable copy of Occasus right here. And if you want to think of it as the best Goldmund album until the next one comes out…that’s likely just fine by him.

Occasus tracklisting:

01. Before
02. Above
03. Bounded
04. Breaking
05. As You Know
06. Circle
07. History
08. Migration
09. Radiant
10. No Story
11. Thread
12. Terrarium
13. Turns

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