Gonjasufi “channels torment” for our benefit, announces new album Callus on Warp

Gonjasufi "channels torment" for our benefit, announces new album Callus on Warp

It’s easy to imagine personal revelation coinciding with great sensitivity, and you might even be acquainted with the feeling yourself; here’s deeply held information that you’ve maybe never shared previously, so what kind of asshole would dare criticize or misapprehend as if they know better? I’m expressing how offended and eternally scarred I was when an oaf of an elementary school classmate smashed ketchup packets into my hair, and you have the gall to suggest that I be glad that it wasn’t glue, which doesn’t even come in packets?! Excuse me while I count to 10, continue eating fries with salt as their only adornment, and sympathize with Gonjasufi a.k.a. Sumach Ecks, who’s arguably underrated for his musical emotiveness.

Equally likely, you might have an inkling of just how personal Gonjasufi likes to be through the strain in his vocals. Hear those for the first time in a while on his upcoming album Callus, out August 19 on Warp, and also note his views on his own public expression through the monologue in the album trailer below (before the track “Maniac Depressant”). “I peeled through all these layers to get to the core,” Ecks remarks. “I channeled all the misunderstanding and misery and torment — that’s what it is, torment — into this.”

Here’s our review of Gonasufi’s prior mini-album MU.ZZ.LE, just ‘cause.

Callus tracklisting:

01. Your Maker
02. Maniac Depressant
03. Afrikan Spaceship
04. Carolyn Shadows
05. Ole Man Sufferah
06. Greasemonkey
07. The Kill
08. Prints Of Sin
09. Krishna Punk
10. Elephant Man
11. The Conspiracy
12. Poltergeist
13. Vinaigrette
14. Devils
15. Surfinfinity
16. When I Die
17. The Jinx
18. Shakin Parasites
19. Last Nightmare

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