The Good News: The Meat Puppets Are Touring! The Bad News: They’re Opening for Stone Temple Pilots

The Meat Puppets have always depended on the kindness of big-named strangers. On the unforgettable MTV Unplugged with Nirvana, the SST-alums were introduced to the teenybopping world looking like a pack of deadbeats who Kurt Cobain only put on the show to pay off a drug debt. Following their mainstream break, The Meat Puppets began the first of several tours opening for those elegant bachelors, Stone Temple Pilots, a tradition the ‘Pups will continue next week when they join STP on the last leg of their U.S. tour.

For five magical Midwestern nights, The Meat Puppets will perform in a series of oversized, acoustically unaccommodating venues for sweaty masses of social trainwrecks who will probably write-in Ron Paul this November. And then STP goes on stage! Blech! Luckily, in December The Meat Puppets will play two club shows in New York. That’s good news for all you city-slickin’ Big Appleites, but for all us Midwest rubes stuck in corn country, I guess we gotta get our Meat Puppet fix with STP in tow or not get it at all. Rats. I guess I’ll just prepare myself for an hour-long lecture from this guy about changing America’s currency system to the gold standard.

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