Goodbye Crippling Boredom, Hello Raveonettes Tour!

Ahh... unemployment. While many people stuck in terribly boring, low-paying jobs may dream of the day their time at the local burrito shop or discount retailer will come to an end, leaving them with no greater responsibility than that of sleeping in late and watching judge shows on television all day, the truth is that unemployment very quickly becomes very lame. Perhaps my perspective would be better if I could identify myself as one of the idle rich. But I am not. (Attention idle rich people: if you are lonely and need someone to accompany you on a champagne-fueled yacht journey through the Florida Keys, or just need someone to screen your calls so Paris Hilton leaves you alone, please do not hesitate to contact me.)

For the past few weeks I have been filling my time in pursuit of three main goals. These goals include, but are not limited to: (1) obsessively searching for jobs on Craigslist, (2) obsessively drinking tea and coffee, and (3) obsessively looking up eBay auctions on which I cannot afford to bid. Also, I spend a lot of time making up new nicknames for my cat, looking for funny news on the internet, and checking concert
listings. Fortunately, this last hobby has been fairly fruitful. Today's discovery was that Danish garage rockers The Raveonettes have recently taken up residence in the United States and plan on bringing their feedback-infused live show from sea to shining sea for a Spring tour in support of their debut album on Vice Records, 2007's Lust Lust Lust. And now I am passing that discovery on to you, the reader, in hopes that I can be of help whether you, too, are unemployed and searching for entertainment in the upcoming months, or whether you just need someone to open endless bottles of Dom Pérignon on the SS Buffy or whatever your boat is called. Note: I am also available for rhino safaris.

* Blonde Redhead

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