NMASS 2016: Graham Lambkin, GABI, Tarana, Troller at niche Austin showcase

NMASS 2016: Graham Lambkin, GABI, Tarana, Troller at niche Austin showcase

“On a quiet corner in Austin just to the east of the university, the arts venue known for 10 years as the Salvage Vanguard Theater is being replaced by a cube-shaped condominium building, whose tentative exterior color is heralded by modern architects as a perfect blend of taupe and light taupe.”

News of Salvage Vanguard Theater’s impending closure suggests we might be reading a less hyperbolic version of the fake lede in the not-too-distant future, but before that hypothetical time comes and we can justifiably glare at the property managers from our pedestrian position, Austin’s Church of the Friendly Ghost is sponsoring the seventh edition of its New Media Art & Sound Summit. It’s set to take place June 22-26 at the aforementioned converted warehouse, and… is that an adopted French phrase I feel coming on?

NMASS 2016 will feature a bevy of variously specialized artists appearing en masse across four days (with the 22nd being dedicated to “opening festivities”). Those musicians include Graham Lambkin bringing his EAI proclivities to Texas for the first time, Tarana allowing you to forget the tabs in favor of vaguely Southeast Asian-flavored jazz, GABI of recent Software affiliation, Stine Javin Motland, Troller, and more than a dozen others. Expect the interior of SVT to be artistically decked out as well, as per tradition.

Here’s the page with the full lineup and pass-purchasing link. It’s $75 for 4 days.

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