Graham Lambkin’s Kye imprint to close December 1

Graham Lambkin's Kye imprint to close December 1

Given the label’s refreshing modesty, which frequently aligns with the breathable sounds emanating from a good portion of its concrète catalog, one could’ve easily expected Kye to drift away in quiet, dignified silence.

Instead, Lambkin elaborated (though no less dignified) via Facebook post concerning Kye’s official shuttering on December 1, and the gist is this: 50 LPs have been released through Kye since its inauguration in 2001, so now’s as good a time as any to get the hell out of dodge before a worthy proposition compels #51. (Okay, I’m editorializing a bit. Really, Lambkin hardly even owes us a reason after all of the aural ecosystems that Kye has helped to conserve and propagate over the years. We’re supremely grateful!)

Silver lining? THERE’S STILL TIME: Through December 1, Lambkin will still be accepting orders from the Kye catalog, which is being capped off by two final releases, Maths Balance Volumes’s Absence (Kye 49) and Gabi Losoncy’s HH (Kye 50). The site will then eventually go dark, leaving memorable releases like Lambkin’s own Salmon Run (one of the label’s first), primers for Vanessa Rossetto, and Jason Lescalleet’s Much To My Demise to be acquired elsewhere. That might be tougher than you think considering Lambkin’s historical disinterest in releasing things digitally.

Check some key tracks from Kye artists after Lambkin’s full statement below:

“Now is the time to say goodbye.” After 50 LPs and 60 over all releases it feels like the right time to pull down the blinds on Kye. I feel very proud of what the label achieved, through often difficult circumstances (as anyone who runs a label can attest to) and I would like to thank all the artists, distributors, friends and supporters who helped keep Kye alive, varied and interesting. The final two release are both available now and and details can be found in the thread below. I will be accepting orders thru Dec 1st and then the label and the website shall pass quietly into legend. Thanks again everyone.

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