Gravy Train!!!! Dishes Out All The Sweet Stuff: A delicious treat featuring roller disco workouts, Lenny Kravitz references, sex, food, ’90s pop culture, frat parties; I still don’t know how many exclamation points go at the end their name…

Gravy Train's newest release All The Sweet Stuff hits the shelves July 10 courtesy of Cochon Records. The album, the band's third full-length following 2005's Are You Wigglin'? and the ever-popular Hello Doctor from 2003, features cameos by some of Earth's finest: Imperial Teen's Hey Willpower, Junior Senior's Jeppe, and Johnny Makeup of Queer-rap-favorites VIP. The album was produced by Bay Area disco and R&B legends Sugar and Gold, who will accompany The Train for six days on the latter half of their Summer tour.

Listen to new GT tracks at their MySpace page.

All The Sweet Stuff tracklist:

1. All The Sweet Stuff
2. Wutcha Wutcha Wutcha Wutcha Wutcha Wutcha Doin' Tonite?
3. Club Situation
4. Solo J/O
5. D.A.N.N.Y.
6. The Hair Stare
7. Strip 4 Me
8. Just Listen
9. Hey Jody
10. Call Me in French
11. Frat Party
12. A Delicious Treat

Wutcha Wutcha Wutcha Wutcha Wutcha Wutcha Doin' Tonite? Uhh, gettin' on The Train, DUH!:

* Okmoniks

^ SSion

# Amanda Blank


@ Quintron & Miss Pussycat

& Sugar and Gold

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