Grimes to surprise release new album in October, so be cool and act shocked, OK?

Grimes to surprise release new album in October, so be cool and act shocked, OK?

Surprise parties don’t work. You spend a whole conspicuous day with somebody, keeping them away from the friends and/or locations involved in the party. What if they already had plans that day? Are you going to tell them to cancel their plans and force them to six hours of go-karting? You’d seem like a crazy person. Drop the artifice. If you’re doing a surprise party, just tell the person, “Look, we’re having a surprise party. Act surprised. Be cool. Catch you on the flipside.”

Basically, pull a Grimes. Grimes has stated via Twitter that her new album will be out in October. No release date or solid details yet, as she’s planning a surprise release for the album. Which, now that we know it’s coming in October, our sense of surprise may not truly be full or genuine. We don’t know exactly when in October, though, so some degree of surprise can still be attained. Plan to spend the whole month looking around corners, shook by the knowledge that a new Grimes album could pop out at any moment.

As aforementioned, solid info on the album is scarce. Two tidbits exist in this life of ours. Tidbit the first: the album will not have singles leading up to its release, but will launch with two singles to illustrate different styles from the album. Tidbit the second: the album will contain more “real instruments” and differ greatly from recent Grimes tracks “Go” and “REALiTi.” Now, for the greatest surprise of all: this story is over!

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