Grooms announce Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair on Western Vinyl

Grooms announce Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair on Western Vinyl

What with Vice teaming up with LiveNation to turn Brooklyn (followed by America as a whole, one imagines) into one giant concert stadium where their writers and only their writers, by dint of an exclusive press pass agreement, can afford to take acid and go see Coldplay and/or monster truck rallies and/or the Arcade Fire without having to travel too far from the central office, a lot of other places throughout the borough have felt the very real pain of a spike in rent prices a.k.a. “housing service fees.” Since, as scientists have estimated that approximately 60% of all content on the web relates to the goings-on in Brooklyn, you’ve likely heard already that one of the spaces in Brooklyn already gobbled up a variety of economic realities like so many MDMA-laced candy corns was the long-running and certified very cool space Death By Audio.

All of this relates to the content at hand — namely a new Grooms full-length entitled Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair — by virtue of the fact that Grooms were a group closely associated with Death By Audio, who released albums such as 2009’s Rejoicer on the space’s label and practiced there for nearly seven years and who are now in search of another Exclusive Joint Physical Content Venture a.k.a. a new practice space. Pair this with the fact that the band’s lineup itself was thrown into turmoil by the hiatus of bassist and co-writer Emily Ambruso for personal financial reasons (leaving singer and guitarist Travis Johnson as the only original member) and you’ve got yourself a musical stew, one that you’d probably guess might end up resulting in a musical shift for the next album.

Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair is described as a “clear aesthetic and thematic departure from the group’s previous efforts,” on releases such as last year’s Infinity Caller and 2011’s Prom. The shift brings the rhythm section (which now features Jay Heiselmann on bass and Steve Levine on drums) more to the fore and finds the group working more with detailed electronic and sampled elements. The album is out on February 17 from Western Vinyl, and you can pre-order it from the Western Vinyl shop here, and listen to the album’s first single “Doctor M” below.

Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair tracklist:

01. Bed Version
02. Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair
03. Cross Off
04. Something Wild
05. Doctor M
06. Half Cloud
07. Will The Boys?
08. Savage Seminar
09. Grenadine Scene from Inside
10. Foster Sister
11. Later a Dream

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