Gucci Mane planning tour in September

Gucci Mane planning tour in September

Gucci Mane (or “Gucci Man,” as my mom calls him) will be released from jail in September, and he will start touring immediately.

Mr. Mane, a.k.a. Guwop, has deemed the tour “Gucci Mane & Friends,” which could potentially indicate that other inmates released at that time may join him on stage. No one has ever released as much music as Guwop has in prison. Not even Timothy McVeigh, who went to the same prison. In fact, he made no music in prison. Does this mean Guwop’s setlist could potentially be days and days long? Yes, it does. You see, we are in this prison called life, and now Guwop’s physical presence on stage can represent the ice cream cone tattoo that is our own impending mortality.

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