Guerilla Toss announce Eraser Stargazer on DFA

Guerilla Toss announce Eraser Stargazer on DFA
Artwork: Keith Rankin

Well, in case you haven’t heard, Glenn Branca’s on his third attempt climbing Mount Everest, but this time he faces the additional challenge of competing with some young Sherpas who seem to have an inherent and impulsive knowledge of musical no-wave territory. The members of Guerilla Toss recently fulfilled their obligation of making New York (via Boston) their new scene, and now they’re releasing Eraser Stargazer on March 4, so that they might… authoritatively revive a movement that has a solid place in the annals of avant-garde culture, despite being relatively short-lived? Anticipate denials! Because even though a good portion of their output does schizophrenically recollect, it’s highly doubtful that the band’s five members are deliberately paying homage. It just kind of turned out that way.

Eraser Stargazer follows up Guerilla Toss’ 2015 Flood Dosed EP, in which Kassie Carlson’s vocals transitioned to mild clarity relative to their prior Gay Disco, and things as a whole sounded a bit more organized, for better or worse. The new one probably follows the trend, and accompanying the still-chaos of dirty bass work and percussive smorgasbord are songs that are subliminally not just compulsions to playfully smash things. Kassie says the track “Grass Shack,” for instance, is about “a deep analytical depiction of a small unit of time, with heightened senses, ripping yourself out of bed even though it might be harsh and overwhelming.”

And here’s a track for all you small-talk haters (allegedly, per Kassie again) right after this pre-order link:

Eraser Stargazer tracklisting:

01. Multibeast TV
02. Diamond Girls
03. Grass Shack
04. Colour Picture
05. Eraser Stargazer Forever
06. Perfume
07. Big Brick
08. Doll Face On The Calico Highway

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