Guerilla Toss announce new EP Smack the Brick, stream the whole dang thing

Guerilla Toss announce new EP Smack the Brick, stream the whole dang thing

In their early days as a band, Guerilla Toss met with some push back from the dreaded Gentle Handling of Gorillas and Apes Lobby, and so they changed their name (swapping out the animal for the activist), knowing full well that the Pun and Small Jokes We Make Quietly to Ourselves Lobby has been weak and getting weaker in recent years due to the rise of the internet (#twitter). All was well, but even so, Guerilla Toss held on to a little bit of bitterness. As such, they started making violent no-wave funk-mosh music and, bringing us up into the present, they have just announced a new EP called Smack the Brick, which may very well be (or not be) about how lobbyists make them want to smack bricks. The vinyl release from Feeding Tube and the digital version from the band’s own Bandcamp page are out this week, with a cassette release coming November 18 via NNA Tapes.

Although Smack the Brick finds the band no less embittered about the state of the American political system and the ways in which money really does buy influence when it comes to gorilla legislation, with the addition of two new band members (Toby Aronson of NNA tapes and Pat Keuhn), their sound has evolved into something a bit funkier, something that could sleep in the same bed as the likes of Talking Heads if both of them were into it. If you, dear reader, are into the idea of dancing about gorilla legislation (also known as writing music criticism, am I right?!), you can peep the entire release below via Soundcloud. If the internet is less your speed, though, you better log off right now you hypocrite. Or maybe not right now, first check that whole slew of dates I’ve listed below to see when and how close Guerilla Toss are coming to your house.

Smack the Brick tracklist:

01. Smack the Brick
02. Be the Breeder
03. Etqueeny
04.Billy Blood Idol


11.06.14 - Hudson NY - Bard College
11.07.14 - Boston MA - Hassle Festival 6
11.19.14 - New York, NY - Death By Audio
11.22.14 - Budweis, Czech Republic - Naab
11.23.14 - Strasbourg, France - Stimultania
11.24.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - TBA
11.25.14 - London, UK - Old Blue Last
11.26.14 - Paris, France - Instantschavires
11.27.14 - Bilbao, Spain - Mem Festival
11.28.14 - Valencia, Spain - Bar Cure Antidisco
11.29.14 - Alicante, Spain - Sala Magazine
11.30.14 - Benicarlo, Spain - Lion Cafe
12.01.14 - Porto, Portugal - Maus Habitos
12.02.14 - Lisbon, Portugal - Musicbox
12.03.14 - Madrid, Spain - El Perro De La Parte De Atras
12.04.14 - Barcelona, Spain - TBA
12.05.14 - Marseille, France - L’embobineuse
12.06.14 - Lyon, France - Grrrnd Zero
12.07.14 - Geneva, Switzerland - Cave
12.08.14 - Berlin, Germay - Schokoladen
12.09.14 -Munich, Germany - Cafe Kult
12.10.14 - Hamburg, Germany - Astra Stube
12.11.14 - Köln - Gold+Beton
12.12.14 - Brussels, Belgium - TBA
12.13.14 - Den Hague, The Netherlands - State X New Forms
12.14.14 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Poortgebouw
12.15.14 - Halle, Germany – HÜHNERMANHATTAN
12.16.14 - Pilzen, Czech Republic - Pohoda

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