Guided By Voices get a casual start to 2019 by announcing massive 32-track double LP

Guided By Voices get a casual start to 2019 by announcing massive 32-track double LP

Hey. Happy New Year. Good to see you! How was your blah, blah, blah? …Okay, enough catching up; let’s get to business. After all, it’s 2 days into 2019, and Robert Pollard’s ALREADY hitting the ground running with Guided By Voices’ latest (and therefore GREATEST) collection of good ol’ dependable guitar-rock.

The sprawling, 32-song, seventy-five minute Zeppelin Over China will crash-land with a mighty thud on February 1. It features Doug Gillard (guitar), Kevin March (drums), Mark Shue (bass), Bobby Bare Jr. (guitar), and Travis Harrison (engineer); and you can rest rhetorically-assured (by the album’s press release) that “this line-up’s virtuosic talents spur him to his most ambitious work yet, a grand album of emotional resonance and narrative drama.”

In other words: it’s Pollard, baby. You know what to do: listen to a few sample tracks down below — and if you find your head softly banging, use some of that holiday cash you racked-up recently to pre-order the entirety of Zeppelin Over China here.

Zeppelin Over China tracklisting:

01. Good Morning Sir
02. Step of the Wave
03. Carapace
04. Send in the Suicide Squad
05. Blurring the Contacts
06. Your Lights Are Out
07. Windshield Wiper Rex
08. Holy Rhythm
09. Jack Tell
10. Bellicose Starling
11. Wrong Turn On
12. Charmless Peters
13. The Rally Boys
14. Think. Be a Man.
15. Jam Warsong
16. You Own the Night
17. Everything’s Thrilling
18. Nice About You
19. Einstein’s Angel
20. The Hearing Department
21. Questions of the Test
22. No Point
23. Lurk of the Worm
24. Zeppelin Over China
25. Where Have You Been All My Life
26. Cold Cold Hands
27. Transpiring Anathema
28. We Can Make Music
29. Cobbler Ditches
30. Enough Is Never At the End
31. My Future in Barcelona
32. Vertiginous Raft

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